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Sick & Disgusting


I just wanna feel loved 

Dark. Disturbing. But hit’s the nail right on the head. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song that portray’s the feeling quite like this

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Hot bodies are good for sex
and looking good on your arm,
but I know you are smarter than
to settle for this. Kind hearts
are good for loving your broken
parts and accepting you for
what you are. Beautiful souls
are good for teaching you about
life and happiness. Gentle spirits
are good for bringing peace and
harmony into your life. Artistic
minds are good for appreciating
differences and depth. Honest
consciences are good for trust
and reliability. Playful characters
are good for laughter and fun.
Don’t you see? When you’re 80
and looking at the last 60 years
of your life, what kind of person
do you want to have spent it with?
anne, life partner check-list (via versteur)

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